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Toyota Claims Four Slots on “American-Made” Index

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While it may be no surprise to Toyota fans, the Camry, Avalon, Sienna, and Tundra have been named to the Top 10 “American Made” Index for 2013 issued by To be included on the list, vehicles must be assembled in the U.S., constructed with American-made parts and have strong domestic sales numbers. Over the past decade, Toyota has moved many of its operations and manufacturing to the U.S. They are just one of the “foreign” automakers that are now enjoying the benefits and savings of moving their operations to the United States. Not only does it lessen costs associated with shipping vehicles and parts from overseas, it has helped create more jobs for U.S. workers.


Assembled in both Kentucky and Indiana, the Camry ranked the highest of the four at No. 2. Previously the Camry held the No. 1 position for four consecutive years and they are again looking to regain that top spot. The Sienna, also assembled in Indiana, placed No. 5 on the list.  Manufactured at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing truck plant along with the Toyota Tacoma in San Antonio, Texas, the Tundra ranked seventh on the list, retaining its 2012 position. Toyota has completely redesigned the Tundra for 2014 and is eyeing a higher position on the list for next year. The all-new Avalon, assembled in Kentucky, ranked No. 10 to round out the list for 2013.


With Toyota become more “American-made” every year, you can feel good that you are supporting the workers and communities in the U.S. by purchasing one. Brent Brown Toyota, conveniently located at 1400 Sandhill Road in Orem, Utah, has a great selection of all these award-winning vehicles. If you have any questions please call us at 888-621-9928. You can also check out our entire inventory online at We look forward to seeing you.

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