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2014 Furia is Only Part of a Glimpse into Toyota’s Future in Detroit

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Toyota always seems to be a step ahead of the competition, especially in vehicle technology. From their continuing efforts to design better driver assist equipment, to their commitment to providing alternative fuel vehicle options, Toyota’s mission is to build not only the safest, but also the most efficient vehicles on the market. While Toyota strives to excel in innovation, they do not forget about the most basic thing that draws a consumer to a vehicle and that is how it looks. The Detroit Auto Show is giving Toyota a chance not just to show off its next new gasoline powered Furia concept, but give visitors a chance to see how far Toyota has come in alternate fuel technology as well.

toyota furiaRumored to become available in late 2013, the Toyota Furia concept is poised to replace the current Corolla. While it is named the Furia “concept”, the vehicle reflects the future of not just the Corolla, but Toyota as well. With its sleek, slightly more aggressive look, it fits the new direction Toyota is going to give its vehicles a sportier look that younger consumers want and older consumers appreciate. While the Corolla has always been geared toward the younger buyer, it will now give them a sportier look that previously could only be found in much more expensive vehicles. Since 1968 the Corolla has held its ground with the Camry as being one of the most popular and influential vehicles that Toyota has ever built.

While the Furia makes a bold statement in its look, not all of the features will be carried over to the actual production Corolla/Furia. toyota corolla furiaThe longer, wider stance that provides better handling and more interior room will more than likely remain, but items such as the 19-inch wheels featured on the Furia concept will be replaced with something more akin to the Corolla in the 15 or 16-inch range. While many of the features and equipment of the current Corolla will carry over to the Furia, the first redesign in almost five years is a welcome change.

While visitors to the Detroit Auto Show were intrigued by the Furia, the less broadcasted Toyota FCV-R sedan may be the most important contribution to the alternative fuel market Toyota has ever made. While there was an abundance of green technology on display, the FCV-R represents a much more accurate depiction of the future of alternate fuel vehicles. While many automakers have abandoned their missions to create hydrogen-powered vehicles due to expense or previous failure, Toyota is the only company that continues to push forward to make the use of hydrogen fuel a reality for consumers in the near future.


While the first FCV-R hydrogen-powered vehicles are scheduled to start production sometime in 2015, Toyota has renamed the FCV-R to add the “R”, meaning reality. While other automakers are using the excuse that they need to wait for the government to address the availability of hydrogen fuel to consumers, Toyota has never stopped working toward producing a functional and more importantly affordable hydrogen fuel vehicle. The only current hydrogen vehicle available is produced by a competitor, and is not much more than a stripped out version of a current model equipped with a fuel cell. Not only is it far from what the future of hydrogen vehicles should be, its six-figure price tag puts it well out of reach of most consumers. While the future of the FCV-R holds promise, the reality is that this vehicle can provide a range of 430 miles with a full fuel cell, far exceeding the range of any electric vehicles that are currently available. Toyota is hoping that the government will see that these vehicles will provide consumers with another alternative energy vehicle, and do what they need to do to make hydrogen readily available for consumers.

toyota fcv-rWhile the Detroit Auto Show gives us a glimpse into the future of what we may see at our local car dealerships, many are dependent on other factors that automakers cannot control. While the new Furia may not be available for a few more years, Toyota currently provides a wide variety of great looking vehicles designed to fit any budget and fuel preference. Whether you are looking to the green technology of the Prius, or the great look and value of the current Corolla, or the full-size luxury in the reasonably priced all-new Avalon, Toyota has a vehicle that fits. At Brent Brown Toyota, you can find the right vehicle to fit your budget and style as well as take advantage of some of the best customer service you will find. You can browse our complete inventory online of both new and used vehicles from the comfort of your home or office. If you have any questions or find a vehicle that interests you, you can send us a message or call us at (888) 374-9026. Toyota has proven it is committed to providing the best vehicles possible, not just for the future, but the present as well. NM7H2KHGVM23

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